Collomix Mixer Clean 30L

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The mobile cleaning system “collomix mixer clean” was developed for easy and quick cleaning of the collomix mixing paddle on site. The well built sturdy bucket with separate brush plate ensure that the mixer paddles are cleaned with minimum effort or “Splashback all over the carpet”

Clean mixing tools within a matter of seconds

For cleaning mixing tools quickly and easily.

When you have finished your mixing work, immerse the mixing tool in the bucket filled with water and run the mixer for a short time. All residual material will be thoroughly removed by the brushes.

Suitable for all Xo / Xo duo mixers

Removable lid for emptying.

For stirrers with diameters of up to 210 mm.

Rugged 30 liter tub with a carrying handle; sturdy metal cover plate with a pair of brushes.


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The mobile cleaning system "Mixer Clean" was developed for easy and quick cleaning directly on building sites. Now you will have an easy to handle and effective tool on your disposal. Your mixing paddle can be cleaned after every mixing job very easily. The mixing tub is very space-saving and usable on every construction site.

The stirrer will be cleaned up as quick as a wink!

Let down the messy tool in the bucket full of water and switch the mixer on shortly; the very resistant and sturdy brushes will remove any rest of dirt in a few seconds.

All-pupose cleaning systems for mixing tools with a diameter of up to 210 mm

Rugged plastic bucket 30 litres with massive covering plaste and integrated pair of brushes

Carrying handle

Pouring aperture

Unladen weight: 4,5 kg

Height: 419 mm; Diameter: 380 mm

Ref.No.: 46.002