Dosing Unit

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Blue Dog Plastering Machine Dosing Pump To Distribute Additives

Dosing Machines Are Connected Between The Water Outlet Geka On The Mixing Pump And The Inlet Geka On The Mixing Zone

Suitable For Accelerators, Flakes, Retarders, Latex Solutions And Most Additives For Renders

Does Not Require A Power Source

Inlet & Outlet Hose With Geka Fitings

Compatible With All mixing machines

Blue Dog Stand With Handle

Spare Seal Kit And Tool.

Using Additives Through The Water System On The Plastering Machine Or Water Pumps Will Eventually Cause Irreversible Damage . PFT Wales Have Been Researching The Best Options For Adding To The Mix. The Plastering Machine Dosing Pump Bypasses The Water System Completely, Ensuring The Plastering Machine Is Preserved.