Ritmo L Plus

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The PFT Ritmo L plus is a small mixing pump weighing only 125 kg has a built in air compressor that is more than suitable to use with all the jobs that a plastering machine makes more productive. Being only just over a meter tall it takes up no more room than an electric cement mixer on its stand, and can be transported in an estate car with ease.

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The New All-Rounder For Every Challenge

No matter how compact the construction site, how demanding the renovation, how daring the schedule – with the new PFT mixing pump you will easily understand. You are also very flexible on your own, completely mobile – and in no time you will be the hero for your client.

Time To Rethink

Renovation was yesterday. Today we ritmovate. With the new PFT mixing pump, compact jobs can be completed more quickly, flexibly and economically. Thanks to the new sophisticated design, you save even more time – time for the next RITMOvation!

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