Machine does not start


Possible causes:

• Water. Check the water supply

• Water pressure too low. Clean the dirt filters

• Gauge indicates pressure below 2.2 bar. Switch on the high pressure pump


Possible causes:

• Power supply okay?

• FI safety switch activated?

• Main switch turned on?

• Fault indicator lamp lights up?

• Motor protection switch activated?

• Self-locking device not activated?

• Contactor faulty?

• Fuses faulty?

• Water safety switch misadjusted?


Possible causes:

• Insufficient pressure gradient in the remote control due to blocked air pipe or air nozzle tube. Clean blocked air pipe or air nozzle tube!

• Air safety switch misadjusted


Possible causes:

• Too much dry material in the hopper or mixing area. Half-empty the hopper and restart

• Material in pump component too dry. WARNING! Turn off the main switch and pull the plug out first

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